Symposium on Neuro-Immune Interactions

Date: March 24–25         Location: Online       Time: 10–2pm, Poster Session afterwards




The talks were recorded and we hope to post them in some form in the near future. Since we encouraged panelists to present unpublished work, we will be editing out portions that fall into that category. We plan to send out an email to registered attendees once the edited versions are available online. Stay tuned for more information!


Keynote Speaker:

Lawrence Steinman

Stanford University


Neuroinflammation and Peripheral-Brain Crosstalk

Isaac Chiu

Harvard Medical School


Vijay Kuchroo

Brigham and Woman’s Hospital; Harvard Medical School


Keith Elkon

University of Washington


Lupus and Autoimmune Disease

Betty Diamond

Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research


Steven McCarroll

Harvard Medical School, Broad Institute


Immune Mechanisms of Synapse Development, Function and Dysfunction

Michael Carroll

Harvard Medical School


Dorothy Schafer

University of Massachusetts Medical School


Microglia Ontogeny and Development

Margaret McCarthy

University of Maryland School of Medicine


Christopher  Bennett

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


Neuron-Glia Communication at Brain Borders

Maria Lehtinen

Harvard Medical School; Boston Children’s Hospital


Jonathan Kipnis

University of Washington


Beth Stevens

Boston Children’s Hospital; Broad Institute


New Approaches and Tools to Model Glia and Neuro-Immune Interactions

Cody Smith

University of Notre Dame